OGWhatsApp Plus Apk download

OGWhatsApp Plus Apk download

If you are a smartphone user, you surely will have experienced using WhatsApp on your device. Whether you are on Android or iOS, WhatsApp is a popular means of connecting to your friends and family members. It offers quite a lot of useful features and keeps innovating to bring the best experience to the users. OGWhatsApp Plus apk is for you to enjoy the freedom for your privacy and some other hidden features of OGWhatsApp Plus.

Whether it is text and multimedia messages or voice and video calls, WhatsApp gives you all sorts of opportunities to have ravishing socializing experience. What’s even better is that the app allows you to have group conversations as well where like-minded people can discuss any agenda and share their thoughts.

OGWhatsapp plus Apk download

And, with the ability to have group calls, now WhatsApp messenger takes things a notch ahead as compared to other social apps and messenger tools. That being said, have you heard of ogWhatsApp Plus? Well, chances are that you haven’t. In that case, let’s introduce you to the popular mod apk of the WhatsApp messenger app and see what difference it brings.

What Is ogWhatsApp Plus?

If you are familiar with the idea of mod apk versions of different apps that are introduced for the Android users with an enhanced feature set, you’d not have any problem in understanding this WhatsApp Plus mystery. Yes, like other mod apk versions, WhatsApp Plus is exactly the same. And, when it comes to ogWhatsApp Plus, it is also one of the many mod apks available for the WhatsApp users with better features and lots of unique customizations.

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Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg to give you an idea of exactly what kind of experience you can expect with the ogWhatsApp Plus app. If all that sounds convincing, you should definitely go for the download right away.

However, we can’t say anything about the legitimacy of such news because no such incidents have been reported officially anywhere. But if you are still willing to give any weight to such rumors and news, it is advised that you should be a bit cautious when it comes to selecting the source from where you want to download the apk.

All the mod apk versions available for the WhatsApp messenger have something that sets them apart from the rest but they all have same key features that you can enjoy regardless of which mod you have downloaded. Besides, these mods are not available at the official app store of Android or iOS platforms because they are not from the official developers.

Instead, they are developed by a group of developers from the outside world who take the original app, tweak with its code, and come up with something special. The same thing happened in the case of ogWhatsApp Plus to give it some of the coolest features that every WhatsApp user had always wanted but couldn’t enjoy with the official app. Similarly, the app is not available on any of the official App Stores and the mod can be downloaded from different blogs and forums where people share the download link to such modified versions of the apps.

Is It Safe To Use OGWhatsApp Plus?

In all honesty, if you’d ask the developers of the official app, they’d say a big NO to this. However, it’s not that serious a matter. There have been hundreds of thousands of downloads every month and a large number of users are relying on this cool mod apk version of the app to connect with the people they love and care about.

They are all very positive about the features that the app has to offer and have all the good things to say about it. The privacy features are, in fact, the best among the lot as they make your WhatsApp experience better than ever giving you more control over the proceedings.

It’s you who decides whether others should know if you are online or not, it’s you who decides whether others should know that you have checked their message or not, it’s you who decides everything else there is as far as privacy is concerned.

Now, coming back to the point, there have been some news floating around that such modified versions of the apps – particularly WhatsApp – are designed to steal private data of the users away.

What Features Make OGWhatsApp Plus Worth A Switch?

Yes, that’s an important questions that many WhatsApp users ask. Why they should switch to ogWhatsApp Plus? What kind of features they can expect from the app if they decide to make a switch.

Well, if you have experienced WhatsApp Plus before, the ogWhatsApp Plus offers very much similar customizations. And, if you are not familiar with that, here we have a few cool features of the app listed for you.

  • It’s an anti-ban mod of the WhatsApp which means that using ogWhatsApp Plus won’t get you banned from using the original version of the app.
  • Ability to use multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously.
  • Ability to make your own customized themes and submitting those themes to the Mod’s server. Besides, you can choose from hundreds of themes already available to customize your version of the app.
  • Ability to stay anonymous by hiding the last seen status on chat dialogs with others.
  • Ability to hide the double tick icons so that nobody can find out whether you have received their messages or not.
  • Ability to hide the blue tick icons so that nobody can find out whether you have checked their messages or not.
  • Ability to add statuses with a maximum of 250 characters rather than 139 characters allowed in the official version.
  • Ability to send videos as big as 30Mb in size.
  • Ability to send high-quality images ensuring that exactly the same quality is received at the other end.

Only go for the most reliable sources with most credible people operating from their original names and accounts to share positive things for the community. You can establish the credibility of forums and blogs by being a member of them for some time and following specific users who are more active there than others.

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