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About Call Me A Legend

Zombie Apocalypse is a cliché that has been widely used as a game theme. Admittedly, slaughtering the zombies has its own cathartic factor, so many people who like games with zombie themes. Do not want to miss, 6waves also presents one more zombie-themed game called Call Me A Legend.

The player acts as a male soldier in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. He led his army to survive the attacks of zombies, and on the battlefield, he met and rescued a beautiful girl named Delia. Delia was very grateful and taken to headquarters, where she was romantically involved with the players. But not only Delia, you know, beautiful girls can be targeted by players, because in this world there are still many girls waiting to be saved.

Call Me A Legend is a simulation RPG game where players fight against zombies. Players bring one of his team consisting of three characters to fight against zombies automatically with a defense system, where his team is still shooting zombies that arrive in the style of tower defense. Of course, to get this character, players must recruit him using a Gacha system, so there is a lucky factor to get a strong character or not.

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Call Me A Legend MOD APK Feature

Call Me A Legend MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds

✓ Unlimited Diamonds
✓ No need to root
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL Secured Encryption
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Call Me A Legend MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Regular upgrade for general performance improvements

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

More Call Me A Legend Overview

In addition to fighting against zombies with a tower defense system, players will also face a boss battle. This battle against the boss takes place with a first-person view, and is carried out on a turn-based basis.

But actually, the most interesting feature in Call Me A Legend is the player`s ability to date the girls who have been saved by him. These girls can be found in the city using the Search feature, also can be found based on stories.

If the player has found the target girl, he can also invite the girl to go out. There are several options that can be done by players to increase intimacy with the girl, namely spending the army, spending money, giving gifts, and using premium currency.

The higher the player`s intimacy with the girl, then he will be more willing to undress one by one. Of course, to be able to achieve high intimacy, the price paid will be very expensive, even players will be tempted to buy Diamond in order to be able to take off the girl`s clothes. After intimate fun with the girl of his choice, there is a possibility the girl will get pregnant and produce a child. Players will have the opportunity to give the child a name and raise him as your successor. But for the record, players can only take off their clothes to only underwear, can not be more.

It is not surprising that free-to-play games with elements of strategy like this require players to always be online. There are many events that can be participated by players, including events to get new fighter characters and of course beautiful girls. Call Me A Legend also uses a waiting system, so everything that is done by the player, there will be a cooldown process, be it collecting money or going out with girls.

One of the fastest ways to increase player intimacy with a girl is to use the premium Diamonds currency. Not surprisingly, this Diamond, although it can be obtained, is not enough to increase intimacy to the maximum. A microtransaction is provided for Diamond purchases for those of you who are impatient to make the girls undress.

The concept of dating in this game is actually not new, because it has already been used in several other games such as ZGirls or Game of Sultans, but the graphics used by Call Me A Legend are really charming, so it is very interesting to try. Remember, if you try this game, don`t get stuck buying Diamonds to buy your dream girl, you will be disappointed later.

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Google Play Call Me A Legend MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds
– Six Waves
– Call me a Legend – Game of Battle & Love

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