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About Brave Nine

Brave Nine is a Turn-Based RPG game with complex strategies. Brave Nine presents a unique and fun playing experience. So it is not wrong for you to play this game to spend free time or even just to try.

Yes, right. This game has a fresh gameplay, unlike RPG gameplay in general, this game has its own characteristics. Gameplay that is presented in this game has a complex strategy system. If usually the character is increasingly rare or legendary will increase your victory, then you are wrong. In this game strategy is what determines victory. No matter how rare or how strong the character you play, you will still lose with a better opponent strategy.

What formations you install, how smart you predict your opponent`s strategy, how great you are able to maximize character. It will all be a determinant of your victory in the arena or other PvP.

Do not stop there, Brave Nine made the right steps in attracting `certain people` to play. Brave Nine makes Japanese character voices in almost all servers (only Korean servers that don`t use Japanese), even though it is clear that Brave Nine is a game originating from South Korea.

The character design used in the Brave Nine game is also very thick with Japanese animation style. In fact, almost all the characters in the game Brave Nine waifuable / husbandoable. This is a unique step to attract and keep anime-style gamers to keep playing.

One of the unique things in this game is to focus on the character`s skills, not on how rare the character is found. For example, a fairly rare character can be defeated by a character that is not too difficult to obtain. In fact, there are many cases where characters who are ranked higher can be defeated by characters who are ranked below them. This is an interesting point for those of you who are interested in experimenting for character building in this game.

Brave Nine is a game with a Gacha system. As we know the Gacha system can make people vulnerable to stress and salty because the system relies on luck. But, what makes Free players and Paid players considered almost no difference? One of them is an item that can only be purchased by real money is diamond. Searching for diamonds here is fairly easy and can be obtained free of charge. Can be obtained by following the event or climbing your rank in the arena or in other PvP.

Get unlimited diamonds on using Brave Nine mod apk. You can convert them into gold and get some premium items as well.

Brave Nine MOD APK Feature

Brave Nine MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds

✓ Unlimited Diamonds
✓ No need to root
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL Secured Encryption
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Brave Nine MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Removal element that did not function anymore

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

More Brave Nine Overview

Then the way to get the items to tie the character skills `cheapest` in this game is by climbing rank or following the event, can not be bought directly with money. Actually there are still other ways to improve character skills, but that way is only through Gacha and it is fairly `expensive`. So here the Free player and Paid player will also learn how to save money.

Then what will happen to Paid player? Paid players are still given a comfort room, if diamonds are considered easy to get, then Paid players can still buy diamonds to fulfill higher needs, for example buying unique costumes for certain characters or can do gacha more truly than Free players.

If you are confused doing farming and are afraid that it will cost a lot, then you are wrong! Brave Nine presents a very neatly arranged farming system, items from farming are fairly easy to obtain. To get great farming results, you only need a high level of patience because the framing process in this game is held in a limited manner and requires a long time.

Your Gacha isn`t good enough? Then there is no need to bother you creating a new account, you can reset the data on your account! If you are usually in the game with the Gacha system you will be faced with despair, where you are forced to accept characters who can not be relied upon. In Brave Nine it`s not like that, you can reset your account as much as possible until you feel satisfied having a great character in the starter starter account ‘as a guarantee that you don`t need to do gacha repeatedly in the future.

In addition, the “Transfer Accounts” or “Switch Accounts” feature in this game is considered very useful for those of you who like to transfer accounts from one device to another. And the most interesting thing, you can switch servers without having to create multiple applications using the “Select Server” feature, but this feature does not move data from one server to another, but rather creates new data on another server using one account.

Brave Nine is an RPG genre online game that has complex gameplay. Nevertheless, the content in this game is fairly neat and compact. This game will be very suitable for gamers who like RPG genre games with complex strategies, for this reason PvP is the main focus of this game. So do not be surprised if many people try hard to climb rank in the arena.

To be able to climb rank in the arena, it requires a good farming, leveling, building character system. In this case Brave Nine gets the highest score. No one would have thought that such things would make people addicted to playing this game. But unfortunately the farming system, leveling, and building characters in this game requires a very long time.

And the most unique thing in this game is balance. While other online games focus on using the Pay to Win system to maintain its age, Brave Nine continues to hold fast to maintain the stability of its game by balancing between Free player and Paid player. Free players get equal rights like Paid players, there are no purchase items that will speed up leveling or building characters. The result will be no significant jealousy between Free players and Paid players. However, this balance can not be said to be perfect because the impact of the bias is quite fatal, namely the dependence on the Gacha system becomes higher considering the luck between Free players and Paid players come on par.

Brave Nine cheats provides unlimited money. Use the diamonds (some people even say it as gems) to get some unlockable stuff and improve your character in game stats.

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